Did you know we can have your very own, custom made, full color book printed for less than 15 !

That's right, with our Print On Demand system we can print one copy or one thousand copies of a book, whichever you prefer, naturally the more you print the less each book actually costs, but Disegno-S Publishing understands like none other that printing and subsequently selling 10 thousand copies of a book isn't easy.

We offer you the opportunity to become a writer/publisher on your own, why not start with ten copies, or even just one as a nice surprise to your partner or friend.

Disegno-S Publishing can handle the printing for you, but we can also prepare the book for printing starting from your manuscript ... or even put together the book completely on our own, we have experienced writers in our team that can do it all for you.

Big books, small books, large numbers, limited numbered editions, one of a kind books ... it's all possible, just think about what you would like to have 'in print' and we'll make your dreams a reality, printed in full color on high quality paper and surrounded by a nice hard cover.

Sounds interesting ? Why not get in touch with us for a free, no strings attached talk about what we can do for you.

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